Moore County's property tax rate for 2018 is .465 per $100 of valuation.  This applies to both personal property and real estate.  There is also a .03 amount for Advanced Life Support (ALS) giving a total tax rate of .495 per $100 of assessed valuation.  If you happen to live outside of a city limit which includes town services there is a .09 that is added for the local fire districts.

If you live within a municipality here are the additional rates per $100 of assessed valuation:

Municipal Tax Rates


Cameron $.575
Carthage $.495
Foxfire $.38
Pinebluff $.39
Pinehurst $.295
Robbins $.62
Southern Pines $.38
Taylortown $.40
Vass $.49
Whispering Pines $.37


Using the above rates if you own a home with an assessed value of $200,000, divide this by $100 = 2,000

Moore County tax on this property would be $990.  If you do not live within the jurisdiction of a municipality this would be your total tax on your real estate.  

However, for our example, if you live within Southern Pines there is the additional tax of $.38 per $100 giving you an additional cost of $760 for a total real estate tax of $1750.